Novel Advances In Pediatrics and Neonatology Medicine

 "22nd Annual Congress on Neonatology & Pediatrics" (Neonatology & Pediatrics 2020) witnessing at Prague, Czech Republic, on October 19-20, 2020 provides an opportunity to attend a workshop which is primarily based upon the theme  Novel Advances In Pediatrics and Neonatology Medicine".


  • Sufficient and predictable bioavailability and efficacy of the active pharmaceutical ingredient
  • –Toxicologic safety of all components (including the excipients)
  • –Correct and precise drug dosing (acceptable dose uniformity)
  • –Acceptable properties (palatability, handling, etc)
  • –Sociocultural acceptability (missing stigmatization)
  • –Precise information on safe handling and administration of the medicine
  • ?“Child?proven” packaging

Neonatology and pediatrics 2020 is a two days conference that focuses on Interactive Speaker Sessions and Sub-Sessions description about innovation and novel trends on Neonatology and Perinatology. The Session includes keynote lectures from researchers, doctors, students and business consultants, poster competitions, B2B meetings, workshops and exhibitions.

Scope of Neonatology and pediatrics 2020It aids to foster communication among researchers, practitioners and educators working in a wide variety of scientific areas and thus help in the development of research on Neonatology.



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