11th World Congress on Green Chemistry and Technology Webinar

10th World Congress on Green Chemistry and Technology” hosted by the Conference Series LLC Ltd. was held during July 10-11, 2019 in Paris, France at Holiday Inn Paris Porte de Clichy, with the theme “Green chemistry and technologies: Advancing towards a safer and sustainable future” which received a magnificent response. With the support and guidance of Organizing Committee Members and Editorial Board Members and exciting presentations, this prominent summit received glowing reviews.

We would like to convey a great appreciation to following Organizing Committee Members, the Honorable guests and Keynote Speakers:

Robert Tuba-Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary

Marta Irene Litter-National Atomic Energy Commission, Argentina

 Nikki Baccile-Sorbonne University, France

Alexander O Terent’ev-Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Christophe Len-Chimie ParisTech - PSL University, France

 Virinder Parmar-The City University of New York, USA

Michele Vittadello-The City University of New York, USA

We are happy to announce next annual meeting Webinar on “11th World Congress on Green Chemistry and Technology’’   scheduled during July 09-10, 2020. Green Chemistry and Technology is a global overview with the Theme: “Sustainable chemistry & its key role in waste management and essential public service to fight against COVID19”.

Webinar will help in enhancing the knowledge of the participants in various fields and will be a varied combination of scientists, research professionals, academicians, students and research scholars. Webinar include effectual keynote lectures, plenary talks, business advertisement and networking. The Green Chemistry and Technology webinar for the renowned scientists and it provides an excellent opportunity for them to explore and share the knowledge on latest advancements in the field of Sustainable Chemistry.

11th World Congress on Euro Green Chemistry 2020 will be an excellent and exceptional opportunity which enables networking of interdisciplinary group of world-recognized experts and young researchers from Green Chemistry and Technology. Offering delegates, the chance to discuss their ideas and take suggestions for future research. Challenging students to take on new perspectives and building strong networks with experts. The strength of the Webinar is that the participants tend to include all phases of the value chain as well as individuals from a wide variety of sectors and countries.

Euro Green Chemistry 2020 will focus on many thought-provoking scientific sessions and covers all frontline topics in Green Chemistry which includes green chemical reactions, green solvents, green catalysis & biocatalysis, environmental chemistry & pollution control, green analytical chemistry, green technologies in food production & food processing, green polymerization methods, green chemical engineering, cleaner production & green nanotechnologies, waste valorization techniques, green polymers, green energy & renewable resources, green engineering, green manufacturing, green materials, biomass & its conversion technologies, life cycle assessment & environmental sustainability, novel activation methods, green economy & applications in different industries and many more.

For any further details, benefits, submission of research papers, participation, please contact:

Susan Jones

Program Manager | Euro Green Chemistry 2020

Whatsapp: 44-2039363178

Email: greenchemistry@europemeet.com | greenchemistry@europemeet.net

Web: https://greenchemistry.chemistryconferences.org/